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Baled & Loose Cardboard

KARD collects cardboard as a secondary service for our shredding customers. Like other fibrous materials, cardboard is usually recycled and repurposed multiple times in new cardboard container production. Shredding customers have historically not paid for this service; however, in the last quarter of 2022, the market for cardboard crashed inexplicably, forcing KARD to reassess and charge for cardboard collection.



Cardboard Processing Fees​

While KARD has charged commercial customers delivering large quantities of cardboard in the past, effective the first quarter of 2023, loose cardboard and bales weighing less than 700 pounds will cost $100 per skid, Gaylord, or bale. Bales at and over 700 pounds will be charged $50 each. For customers using any of KARD's secure and sustainable shredding services at the same time or within the same month, these prices will be discounted by 50% to $25 per 700 or greater bale and $50 per skid, Gaylord, or bale under 700 pounds.

Wet Cardboard - A Costly No-No

The cardboard collected by KARD should be dry. In the event, KARD needs to break these up for drying purposes and re-baling. In many cases, moisture can change the cardboard into a low-value, even unusable pile of brittle material.  When the cardboard is wet or moist, KARD will double the prices charged and consider these bales to be less than 700 pounds for invoicing purposes regardless of actual weight. For example, a wet bale of any weight, e.g., 100, 500, 750, or 1500 pounds, will be charged $200.