Material & Financial Terms & Conditions

Materials provided to KARD for destruction and recycling are subject to the following terms and conditions, which can change occasionally. By providing KARD with any materials for destruction or recycling described below, Customers accept all terms and conditions and any others specified in contracts, agreements, or orders received and acknowledged by KARD unless waived in writing.

Accepted Materials: All paper products, books, folders, and papers with a minimum amount of paper clips, rubber bands, and staples are acceptable for shredding. Non-paper items must be declared before acceptance by KARD and submitted separately from paper for shredding. Only paper items for shredding shall be placed in collection bins, while non-paper items shall be separated into different containers for physical destruction.

Unacceptable Materials: Ring binders, steel posts, hanging file cabinet folders and edge binders, stone, metal, ammunition, liquids, wood, concrete, plastic bags, and containers are unacceptable and considered contaminants. If found among the shredding materials, these items are considered refuse and subject to separate fees by weight. Patient records cannot contain X-ray images.


Electronics: Non-paper items must be declared before KARD accepts them. Data storage components, like hard drives, memory cards, SIM cards, compact disks and video disks, micro media, tapes, reels, and CDs, are accepted for destruction services but must be separated from paper shredding products and will be destroyed in accordance with our NAID accreditation for a separate fee. E-waste, i.e., bulk electronics without data storage, will be processed and charged as recyclable refuse by weight. Any computers, tablets, phones, thumb drives, and other devices storing information found in the e-waste will be destroyed in accordance with our NAID accreditation for a separate fee. E-waste is not eligible for mobile, on-site destruction.

Financial Terms:   Unless otherwise agreed, all destruction services are charged, and payment is expected at the time of service. If credit terms are extended, the customer acknowledges and agrees to pay a $30 handling fee and interest at 1.5% per month from the original invoice date for past due invoices, plus all collection fees, court costs, and attorney fees required for collecting the debt, without further notice. Moreover, KARD is not responsible for cataloging or recovering materials provided to customers for destruction beyond the documentation needed by NAID, our accrediting body. KARD's liability is strictly limited to the fees charged and collected for services rendered. KARD reserves the sole right to determine acceptable and unacceptable materials a customer provides. By engaging KARD for information destruction services, the customer holds harmless and indemnifies KARD for rendering its services in compliance with its accreditation and usual and customary business practices. The customer is liable for damages to KARD's machinery, collection bins, locks, and personnel arising from misuse, abuse, and contaminants placed in collection bins or shredding equipment (See unacceptable materials, including liquids, films, metallic, wood, concrete, and other non-paper materials placed in collection bins, including at shredding events.). The customer authorizes and accepts KARD's right to assess additional fees to cover the cost of separating and processing undeclared or unacceptable material. KARD reserves the right to set or modify fees at any time based on the type, quantity, condition, and setting of the materials collected.

Order Terms: KARD offers discounted, scheduled, and contracted services, including third-party cleanouts or extensive purges and shredding events, based on a single order, annual, or multiyear agreements. KARD extends discounts on collection bins, shredding processes, and trip charges and considers frequency, quantity, minimum collected amounts, and other criteria when establishing contracts. To ensure security, all collection bins hauled and processed by KARD must be secured with a KARD lock during transport to KARD's mobile shredding vehicle, box truck, and plant. To ensure sustainability, all collection bins should be filled to weight capacity, but not less than 50% of that capacity, at pick-up time; otherwise, discounts for that pick-up may be suspended at KARD's sole discretion and invoiced to the customer. For annual and multiyear agreements, KARD reserves the right to review a customer's pricing annually and to adjust pricing based on inflation, acts of nature, terror, or God, the security and sustainability record of the customer during the preceding year or agreement tenure, customer's payment history and status in good standing, and the type, quantity, condition, and setting of the materials collected. Annual and multiyear agreements are automatically renewed at the prevailing rates charged by KARD, at the established discount rate for the customer at that time, without notice for subsequent 12-month periods on the anniversary of the contract's original execution date unless canceled at least 30 days before expiration. KARD reserves the right to assign or terminate any order or multiyear agreement at any time. KARD cannot guarantee a specific appointment day or time due to conditions beyond its control. Scheduled calls not canceled by a customer at least two business days before the service date shall be charged.

[Updated April 30, 2024]

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