​KARD Shredding offers "AAA Certified" paper shredding and destruction services to the Greater Milwaukee area. KARD maintains its AAA accreditation by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID®) which requires extensive employee background checks, continuous video surveillance, and unannounced audits to verify our security processes. 

KARD abides by current guidelines published by the US Centers for Disease Control
and the Wisconsin Department of Health. All of our containers are cleaned after each use.

For businesses, nonprofits, and governmental agencies, KARD Shredding has regularly scheduled and on-call plant-based and mobile shredding services, as well as office and warehouse purges of all sizes.

For other customers, KARD Shredding offers residential pick-up and drop-off services. Also, KARD's smaller van can access residential areas. Call for a quote. KARD does not offer mobile shredding services in residential areas.

Beginning in 2020, KARD announced our Work-From-Home (WFH) business-class shredding service! KARD was the first to offer scheduled confidential shredding services for remote workers at the start of the COVID outbreak in 2020. Using our smaller van and mobile shredding truck, KARD can securely pick up and deliver to our secure facilities where we destroy confidential documents that have been printed or used by employees and contractors working from home (WFH).

Our NAID® accreditation is your security assurance. Existing and new business customers, subject to GBL and SOX, HIPPA, HITECH, and FACTA regulations, can count on KARD to pick up, transport, and destroy confidential information as one of the few AAA-certified suppliers in Southeastern Wisconsin. And KARD is AAA Certified by NAID® when it comes to destroying non-paper, copyrighted, trademarked, and other proprietary items like art prints and customized clothing. 

On a budget? Want to view the shredding process? No problem. If you'd like to save money or witness the destruction in person, consider our mid-week drop-off service at KARD's secure facilities in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Walk in with up to one hundred pounds (100#) on Tuesday or Wednesday from 8 AM to 3:00 PM and pay just $20 (no-fee cash price)! Weights over one hundred pounds are charged at just 20 cents/pound. Help keep bank fees down by only using credit/debit cards or EFT/ACH payments for services greater than $50. Checks are welcome in any amount.

Social distancing guidelines are strictly enforced in the plant, and therefore, visitors must wear personal protection equipment, i.e. mask.

For hard & solid-state drives and media like CDs, DVDs, and magnetic tapes, our in-house AAA-Certified destruction service will meet your needs - no matter the size of your order. KARD's custom-built KRUSHER bends and breaks the entire drive, rendering it inoperable and unreadable. Our certified service includes:

  • Log containing manufacturer, model, and serial # of each HD, and a Certificate of Destruction.

Note:  KARD's certified process of bending and crushing the platters and electronics has been evaluated by NAID and found to be compliant with its data destruction and tracking requirements.

Businesses & Communities - Host a Shredding Event. 

KARD's services are Secure Sustainable and Scalable and we appreciate partnering with businesses and local communities to offer confidential shredding events for customers and constituents. As a marketing event, you can demonstrate your commitment to information security, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability while drawing people to your offices, operations, or town hall. Call for availability and pricing.

Still have questions? Please Contact Us.